49 Starlink Satellites will pass over part of the US in close formation tomorrow morning…too cloudy for me to see it, but hope someone else captures it! (link to check your location’s chance of seeing it)

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Is this different from the usual Starlink conga line?


I’m sure there will be plenty of articles, with pictures, complaining about it by tomorrow evening


Wow, they will be passing right over my head at 6:30am EST. I think it’ll be cloudy.


Thanks for sharing! Directly overhead and looking clear for tomorrow… anyone have tips for documenting this with just an iphone?


One night last ~July I went outside and saw a relatively large (for a space object) thing absolutely screaming across the night sky with blinking lights. I went down the rabbit hole and checked and saw it was the ISS and also starlinks were about to pass over. Saw a few of those within the hour too. It was pretty cool.