A small amount of paranoia could possibly save your life one day

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Well thats why it exists, thats the whole point of it, that why fear exists in every brain, is a survival mechanism ever since we were monkeys


my first thought when reading this was a time back in college this girl invited me to a house party, and I almost went. I guess that house was home to a large MDMA dealer and they got raided during the party, arresting as many people as they could.


If you’re paranoid enough, your paranoia is saving your life constantly, all day every day.


Hey, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you


My mom had a strong feeling about a fire in our house after hearing about one on the news. She went out and bought a fire extinguisher. Last weds we heard a loud explosion and here our heat box (electrical box or something) had exploded and caught fire. It was going up the siding and under the house. My mom quickly grabbed the extinguisher while i called 911. The fire department came but my mom had put it out already. They told us my mom saved our house because mobile homes go up very quickly. If it had happened and she were only a few mins later the house couldve burned. If we were sleeping we most likely would have died