Am I crazy to turn down this salary?

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Your current employer didn’t achieve what they sold you when they brought you on board. If they can cut you loose tomorrow would they? Yes they would, you have no obligation to stick with them. Take the money and the title. If your goal is a house one day you need to stack cash for that. Climbing the pay scale ladder will make that more achievable. Get that offer letter from the new company and put in your two weeks.


Treat the difference like a budget item. Would you pay $29K/year to have this job and not that one. That’s a totally fine decision to make. What else would you want to do with that money? We spend a lot of time at work.


Did I understand this correctly? They hired you to build a team and then… stopped with you. If that’s correct, then if your going leaves them high and dry, I would respectfully suggest that’s their problem, not yours. It sounds like there is opportunity for promotion and to stretch in a new role with greater responsibility – do you really want to walk from that? Also… as a woman, I think we sometimes make the mistake of holding back for the relationships. The truth is, you have given them fair value for your time, you don’t owe anybody your future. And relationships are a two-way street, and the new offer is providing a lot of things that are to your benefit – which is promising for any future relationships. You don’t really comment on the new company’s work culture, product, mission, etc. Only the current one. Are there any red flags? Have you yet met with them to find out if there is any chance you might also be happy there? If you haven’t yet done an interview, at the very least I think you should find out more before deciding.


Yes, you’re crazy. It sounds like your company wanted to hire a team but they have you doing all the work so need to hire other people. If they had followed through and hired other people they’d at least have a back up. It’s not your fault and you’re not leaving them high and dry if they planned poorly. Remember that this is a business transaction, not a family. You might like the people you work with but they’re not your friends. You’ll make new ones at your new company. They need to pay you what you’re worth. So sure you can give them a chance to so match the salary but if they don’t you should leave.


I’ve been working the same job for approx 4 years now. When I started I loved the people I was working with, we had such an amazing bond as a team (6 of us). About 1.5 years into it I got a different offer that was more money and more work from home flexibility, but I turned it down because I loved my team and like you, didn’t want to leave them hanging as we were often very busy with work. Less than a year after that, 2 of our team members got let go, and they split our department in two. 6 months after that, they let go my partner. If I could go back in time and take the other job offer, I would in a heartbeat. It’s not worth staying.