An excellent report showing how the Mormon church amassed $180 billion in investments and earns tens of billions more every year.

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Religion, indeed, is more a lucrative business than advocate for truth.


To me, the church hoarding so much money says one thing: its leaders have no faith in God or Jesus.


I have no problem with a church having lots of money, The problem is that they never give any of it to anybody. Specifically (yes, they could give it to poor people, but that is a different issue), their distribution to the local congregations is dismal. So the local groups can never afford local activities, like banquets or retreats or ice cream socials. Those are the kinds of things that make a church strong. Instead, the church overwhelmingly takes 10% from its members and gives back crumbs.


It’s not hard making money when everyone of your followers has to give 10% of their income and when you don’t have to pay taxes. Dump this money in a diverse investment portfolio and you should see a fairly consistent increase in net worth over the years.


Oooo do the catholics next!