Ancient Peruvians partied hard, spiked their beer with hallucinogens to win friends

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> Lacing the beer served at their feasts with hallucinogens may have helped an ancient Peruvian people known as the Wari forge political alliances and expand their empire, according to a new paper published in the journal Antiquity. Recent excavations at a remote Wari outpost called Quilcapampa unearthed seeds from the vilca tree that can be used to produce a potent hallucinogenic drug. The authors think the Wari held one big final blowout before the site was abandoned.


*”Yo, this beer is good homie, what you put in it?”* *Mescaline!*


God damned puritans ruined everything. But at least the new ones are at it again.


Definitely makes sense. On acid and shrooms, you can make some really good friends. Ever trip balls and become best buddies with someone you just met, but then see them when you’ve both sobered up, and it’s…weird? Like..I know our true selves became best buddies last night, but once the ego comes back, you’re strangers again. It’s interesting. I always wondered if you could achieve world peace if you could get the right people hopped up on the right hallucinogens at the right time.


Must have been good stuff, to have nematodes coming out of their heads in artwork.