AP: China’s trade surplus surges to record $676.4B in 2021

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How can China consistently have a trading surplus every year? Shouldn’t their currency react to the surplus by devaluing? That’s what I was taught. Can someone explain?


Its very interesting to see that despite increasing geopolitical tensions the world is opening up more to Chinese trade. Although this is partly the direct result of new agreements such as the RCEP which lowered trade barriers with China, even the US, who waged a trade war against China, is still increasing its reliance on Chinese imports. Japan, who recently sailed a military-class ship near the Ryoku islands, is becoming more dependent on China. (1/3d of its total trade with the world is China) The developed nations all seem to bet on the likelihood that they can deter China with loose alliances and defence pacts, while lowering their own inflation and increasing welfare with imported goods.


Can somebody just post a link to a trade database like UN Comtrade or World Bank WITS in the about section so we’re not going to be spammed this monthly.


Export, consumption, investment are three pillars of Chinese economy. 2021, investment has been lagged behind. I expect new infrastructure plan(renewable energy, digital economy, etc) will really start to take off in 2022, while export will be down for a bit.


Chill, don’t you know that red it only allows negative news about China here in the US? I had to re make this comment because my other got auto deleted for mentioning red it 😀