Best Roth IRA mutual funds/etfs through vanguard.

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VTWAX or target date fund. Set it and forget it


100% VTSAX *all* the time across all accounts. That’s what I do. I’m 40, I’ll look at getting some bonds when I’m 5 years out from retirement. Maybe! HAHAHAHAHAHA


It depends on your age and retirement timeline. If you are over 45 years old and have been investing 20+, stay where you are. If you are in your 20s and have built over $6k in assets, switch to 80% VTSAX and 20% VTIAX. Set up automatic monthly investing and don’t look back until your 50s.


The life strategy fund allocation is 49 total stock market 32 international 14 total bond 5 total international bond You can look this up yourself at Vanguard. I would suggest investing 100% into life strategy as it’s already diversified 80/20. An 80/20 mix would effectively be more like 74/26 since the life strategy has a 20 percent bond allocation. The other flip side you could do is just invest in the underlying funds yourself. Then you can pick and choose your allocations.