Canceling E-ZPass is a headache

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NH Ezpass doesn’t have any fees. Contrary to popular belief it doesn’t matter what state you buy it from so long as it’s compatible with where you’re going. I think EZ pass will work most anywhere on the east coast/Midwest nowadays.


I went with Illinois Ipass for this very reason. No monthly fees.


I really hate when government entities act like Disneyland or Dave & Buster’s, and just nickel and dime fees and things away from you. I have lost money to New York City MTA because my MetroCard has an expiration date on it for no discernible reason. And you can get the money off of it, but only if you add fast enough, and it’s a whole complicated process


EZpass is deliberately crappy and fee-ladden.


When my daughter moved across the country for grad school mom was tasked with getting the account canceled … she had a refund coming. I drove from the suburbs to downtown, parked, and waited almost two hours for the clerk to get to me. I brought the daughter’s change of address, her college confirmation from the registrar, and a photo of her new driver’s license in the new state residence. I had every possible document they could ask for. Still, the clerk gave me attitude … I was sugar sweet to her and she hated that even more. I wonder how many people get frustrated with this process and hope it will go away. It won’t.