Cancer is God’s Way of Leading you Back

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Just tell them you’re sorry to hear they think that but you’ll be facing this with courage and not seeking refuge in illusions. Good luck with it. Even if wishing you luck is little more than praying for you. I hope you pull through. My brother-in-law had it and was touch and go but over a decade later and it still hasn’t returned.


How do they explain young children dying slow painful deaths from cancer? Children are supposedly “pure and innocent” so what kind of sick fuck would not only create childhood cancers but let children die slow agonizing death from it. I myself have seen children die in many horrible ways, like burning to death. I assure you there is no god – and if there was then it is one seriously sick and cruel entity. Christians say dumb ignorant shit like what your friends did. You can either buy into the stupidity of it all or you can rise above it. And no, they didn’t have good intentions. They had petty Christian intentions.


Guys! We just discovered the cure for cancer! Just be a Christian!!!


They’re trying to put your cancer into a framework that allows them to deal with their own fear and grief. If God is good, how can you be sick? It must be part of one of God’s famous plans. What plan could that be (other than sadism)? The most obvious answer is that God’s trying to bring you back. And unlike cancer, God can be prayed to, maybe bargained with even. This isn’t about your atheism as much as it is about them trying to come to terms with your illness. Religion’s providing them comfort but severely limiting their options for dealing with reality. I wish you the best, man.


“Any god who would do such a thing is a piece of shit, undeserving of my worship. Anyone who would worship such a god is also a piece of shit.” That’s what I’d say, but I’m an asshole. I hope that you can achieve remission and live a long, full life. Fuck cancer.