Chile wants to build an underwater cable to export energy to Asia. Can it?

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Across the PACIFIC?!?


Not at the current level of technology available on the planet at this time. And if the technology did exist, it would probably not be needed as the ability to generate the required power locally would be available. This sounds line one of those all too common pie in the sky rosy feel good projects that are just scams or a fake boondongle to hide kickbacks and bribes. Like the company Solyndra in the US was really only about political kickback and slush funds.


Does it go across the antarctic to Australia? Even then it would be incredibly long and wouldn’t work. Maybe they could be the power generation capital of South America then help create interconnects between countries. Leading to selling power to the US.


Why wouldn’t China just make their own solar power in the Gobi desert and add hydro capacity?