Does my employer have to pay me for travel?

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It’s completely valid for you to call HR and ask them to explain the travel policies to you “hey I’ve never done this before can you explain it all to me, what I’ll be paid, what I can expense etc”? Any large company will have policies for this.


Lots of great responses and info, thank you all for commenting. After confirming with my boss, I’ll be paid from the moment I leave my house till I land in San Francisco. Same on the returning flights.


You should be on the clock the entire time. If this is a really large company they should know this and have policies in place.


When I had to fly somewhere I was paid starting from travel time that was beyond my regular time to travel to work. So 50 min was my commute . But it took 1.5 hours to get to airport . So I was paid for 40 min plus gas /wear tear for that time . Then I was considered clocked in until I reached hotel . If I reached hotel earlier and didn’t have to go to a meeting or work the rest of the day but was free to do as I pleased then I was clocked out. One time my flight was cancelled and I was paid for extra time during the layover at the airport . I think this is pretty standard as I worked for a large employer and i was on a a grant . So everything was by the book for grant reimbursement purposes .


My company does comp time where if I travel during non working hours, I can take those hours off in the near future. But I am salary not hourly so if you are hourly I would think you could ask to get paid those hours. It’s fine to ask your HR team and request to be paid or if not you could decide to refuse to travel. Also if you are travelling I think they should be paying your meals and expenses, anything you eat in the airport and stuff like thay