Facebook sued for billions over harvesting people’s data

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I mean, saying yes to their terms of service kind of screws you, I guess. However, them collecting data in a “shadow” account on you when you don’t even have a Facebook account is a completely different story. I’d love to see how someone would go about proving it, though. Reminds me of Instagram where it’s suggesting stuff to me based on location even though I’ve denied them access to my location, and suggesting friends to me even though I’ve never “given” them my phone number. The worst is getting ads based on conversations I’ve had with people.


Why would a data harvesting company get sued for harvesting data? Edit; Wait a second here….. —— “The claim is that due to Facebook’s dominance in the social media sector, the people had no other viable social media platform they could use instead. In return, the lawsuit states, users were only able to use the social media platform to do things like post pictures to their family and friends.” ——– This can’t be for real.


If I had a dollar for every time I saw an article about Facebook getting sued….


It’s the largest amount of psychoanalytocal data ever gathered in history.


i hope meta gets bankrupted