France to allow gay, bisexual men to donate blood, ending ‘an inequality that’s no longer justified’

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Why don’t they just test the blood before storing it? Heterosexuals can have all kinds of diseases too, it’s just best practice to do so.


In Israel they recently changed the question on the form from “did you have gay sex in the past year?” to “did you have sex with a new partner in the past X month?” (I don’t remember if it’s a year or less). This makes the question way more relevant, and not excluding any sexual orientation. Best of both worlds, really.


I’m kind of shocked this wasn’t allowed already


Is it also true that certain people who lived in Europe during the 80s-90s cannot donate blood because of CJD/Mad Cow possibility?


I got malaria in my life and can’t give blood because of that. Too bad, i’m O+