Here are some PF related Google Sheets that I’ve created and used over the years that I figured I’d pass along

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I read recently that if you are sharing google docs like this, you can edit the link to force a copy: 1. Open the file in your Google Drive. 2. Click Share. 3. Click “Anyone with the link can view” 4. Copy the link. 5. Highlight the word “edit” and everything after it. 6. Replace that selection with the word “copy” These look great BTW!


OP and all, Do you guys find a lot of use in such detailed tracking of everything? I have my own spreadsheets but they are not nearly as detailed. I have my family income with monthly bills, savings, and loans. I also have a spreadsheet with my total loans payments and those things. I would say it’s probably about a 1/5 of the data you have there. Do you really feel like you make good use of this data to inform actual decisions you make? There is such a thing as “too much information”. Interested to hear what everyone thinks.


It’s clear you spent a lot of time putting those together, thank you for sharing them! I’ve been developing a simple budget sheet that has helped my kids as they’ve gone out on their own after college. What you put together is much more robust. Many people will benefit from you sharing this.


This looks great! I can’t wait to look more into after work later. Thanks for sharing this.


my wife just told me to make one of these – thank you!