How do I incorporate more veggies into my diet?

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Smoothies are one of my favorite ways to get in a quick dose of fruits and vegetables. The trick here is to make sure it’s not a huge serving (since you are having it in liquid form, the propensity for calories can be high). 6-8 Oz serving should be fine. I use a base of a banana, add spinach leaves, some frozen fruit (blueberries, mango chunks), add water for emulsifying and blend it up. You could add chia seeds or flax powder, protein powder or a host of other superfoods to get your nutritional boost


Hi! we didn’t really eat fruits or vegetables when I was growing up, i kinda had to learn. What helped was to give myself an easy objective: I vowed to eat 1 portion of fruit or veggie per meal. That’s it. Eating an apple or 2-3 clementines after a meal? It counts. A few slices of tomato on your sandwich? it counts. For me, that was the easiest route to change my habits. After, I learned to cook with more and more vegetables, but starting small and adding raw fruits and vegetables here and there helped me tremendously.


There are really good veggie side dishes. I’ll try to look up a couple of my favorites and post them. But, soups/stews are an excellent way to add more veggies into a main dish. A simple way to enjoy a lot of veggies on the side is to roast them. Even green beans, asparagus and broccoli are excellent roasted. A little salt, pepper, olive oil and then when they come out, you can toss with a little Parmesan or lemon juice. Excellent, and easy!


Anything like a stew/chilli/pasta sauce, you can grate courgette/zucchini in and it will absorb the flavour and make meals go further


I do a lotttt of bowls at home. For instance, last night I did a turkey burger bowl (romaine, tomatoes, shredded cheddar, red onion, chopped up pickles, a turkey burger cut up, and a chipotle dressing). Or I like brown rice, roasted potatoes, roasted broccoli, cut up crispy bacon, and some sort of dressing whether it be chipotle or a balsamic. Another good one especially in the winter is a root veggie bowl. Roasted carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes, on top of arugula with pesto. I add rotisserie chicken to add protein. Check out recipes online for bowls, there’s so many styles like burrito bowls or whatever!