In a study appearing in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, researchers found that face masks reduce the distance airborne pathogens could travel, when speaking or coughing, by more than half compared to not wearing a mask.

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Sometimes you need science to be able to point out when supposedly common sense assumptions are actually wrong. And sometimes you need science to point out exactly how some common sense assumptions are correct.


AKA, common sense; and my country’s chief medical officer is a complete idiot.


Face coverings that are fitted and worn properly can and will reduce transmission.


Prob like a 10mill research.. Me with 10 volunteers; 5 with masks 5 w/o; Everyone into the cold box, breathe normally; You all see how much your stank breath travels without a mask. Ok now let’s all get houses with the 9,999,900 left.


How about aerosols, other research showed no masks works beyond 30 minutes in enclosed spaces, yet we force kids and students to wear them for hours in the same room expecting miracles, perhaps this informs us where they are better suited.