In Gulag

Inmates discussing what they were sent to Gulag for. “I was always 5 minutes late, so they sent me here for sabotage. You?” “I was always 5 minutes early, so they sent me here for espionage. How about you, comrade?” “I was always on time, so they sent me here for harming Soviet economy by buying watch in capitalist country”

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A Czech man goes into a police station in Soviet-occupied Prague, and tells the officer at the desk, “A Swiss soldier just stole my good Russian watch!”. The confused policeman asks him to say that again. “A Swiss soldier just stole my good Russian watch!” “Surely,” the officer says, “you mean a Russian soldier stole your good Swiss watch?” “Well, maybe,” the man says, “But you said it, not me.”


It was said that Lubyanka, KGB HQ, was the tallest building in Moscow, because you could see Siberia from its basement.


Take my upvote, sounds like all governments!!


In order for them to know the third soldier was always on time the superior officers would need to have watches from capitalistic countries too right?


very nice! 🙂 worthy of my award 🙂