In the past 30 years society did a complete 180 on its views of fat ass

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Get to Victorian times and big butts were so in fashion they invented the bustle to wear on the backside to really give a big butt appearance. Check older paintings and a fuller bottom was all the rage.


Probably more accurate to say in 50 years. Cause we’re all still in denial that the 90s was 30 years ago


It’s the Anaconda. He demands it. He will not accept you if you have none. The trunk must be full to bursting with junk!




You gotta understand that what society deems attractive is almost always a result of privilege. Milky-white skin was attractive in a time when only the rich could stay out of the sun… and then golden tans were attractive when only the rich had time to spend in the sun. For the vast majority of human history, being fat was a luxury. Women with a big fat ass were much more likely to survive to give birth and feed a child during prehistoric times. With agriculture, the successful people were fat and the unsuccessful were skinny. When food scarcity became scarce itself and even the poor could be fat, being fat wasn’t desirable anymore. But that’s just social standards of beauty. Now that there’s no real distinction between rich and poor based on body type or shape, the deep-seeded need for well-stuffed denim is re-emerging. I am pleased by a plump posterior and I am unable deceive you.