India’s richest man is pouring more than $80 billion into green energy

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“The bulk of that money — about $67.7 billion — will go toward a new power plant and hydrogen system”


Fucking awesome. This is the way. I’m tired of seeing people donate 200,000 or some shit when they are worth billions and billions. Even if he does turn some profit on it, fine. He obviously going in hard on the project and we could use so much more of this.


I see a lot of comments here either saying “Its not a donation” or “his company operates in oil too” as if that makes this news less good – when actually it makes this news MUCH BETTER. While donations to green energy causes are great – this is what really needs to happen to curb emissions. Companies need to see a financial incentive in investing in green energy. This has already been happening of course, but an additional 80 billion is not just a drop in the bucket. (Governments and International Organizations need to continue to change policy frameworks so that investing in green energy IS almost ALWAYS the right move for private firms, but this is what the results of that looks like) **TLDR: No this is not a billionaire saving the world out of the goodness of his heart – its better. Its a sign of exactly what needs to happen (On a much larger, more global scale) happening.**


I’m going to legally change my name to *Green Energy*.


One of australia’s richest men (twiggy Forrest), formerly considered a poster child for the pro fossil fuel crowd switch sides, hes aiming to make australia’s and possibly biggest green hydrogen production plant in the world. ​ Theres more ultra rich people taking the a punt on green more every day