It’s hard to believe that Charlie lived happily ever after when you consider that Willy Wonka gifted him a factory full of death traps housing four missing children.

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The children go home unharmed. Wonka says something about it at the end when he’s talking to the creepy dude… Can’t remember the exact words unfortunately.


Augustus got stretched out in the pipe; it made him “thin as a straw” in Grandpa Joe’s words Violet was de-juiced, although she remained purple in the face Veruca (and her family) were covered in garbage, but otherwise no different Mike Teavee, again in Grandpa Joe’s words, “He’s about ten feet tall and thin as a wire!”


Or at the least wide open for some major lawsuits.


They weren’t missing, Augustus went to the fudge room. Violet went to the juicer. Veronica went down the chute to the incinerator. Mike TV went to his moms purse.


Who were missing?