Kids for Cash (2013) – Corrupt judge ruined over 2000 lives in exchange for $2.2 million. [1:41:44]

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I lived in this area. I know several people who were arrested for fairly minor things. Instead of getting counseling or help, they instead got long sentences at this hellish private prison, funded by taxpayers, while the shitty judge got kickbacks from the guy who owned the prison. Several of them didn’t get help, and instead started spiraling downwards. One even killed himself. These scum ruined people’s lives to enrich themselves. Hell is too good for those assholes.


For anyone wondering how unfair this was. I was about 12 years old when I got locked up. I got into a yelling match with my brother over a yugioh card outside. Someone called the cops. Cops saw me push my brother and he fell (he didn’t get hurt). They grabbed me and took me back to my house, spoke to my mom and left. My mom chewed me out and I thought that was it. Fast forward sometime (I don’t remember how long) and we get a letter with a court date. I didn’t know what was happening but we showed up to Court in WB. I meet a lady that I now understand was a public defender but at the time had no clue. I was waiting for maybe 15 minutes in silence before my name was called. I was in front of the judge (Ciaverella) for maybe 5 minutes. I wasn’t asked any questions by the judge or my defender. Next thing I know I have a leather belt being strapped around my waist, handcuffs put on and shackled. I was terrified. I sat in a room shackled until a couple more boys came through. We were all put in a van and taken to a detention center. I had no idea what was going on. At the time i didn’t know why I was in court, didn’t know what I was charged with, didn’t know I was being taken away or how long I would be gone. I didn’t know anything. I was a preteen boy that played yugioh and beyblade and PlayStation. Never had an interaction with police outside of school events. I know it messed my head up for years after. I cant imagine what it did for others. I didn’t know it was anything out of the ordinary until I got the letter saying I was eligible to file a claim because these judges were convicted. I received 27k back from my claim. It still fucks with me now because I have this anxious fear of police. Like my brain shuts down and it gets hard to breathe kinda fear. All because some old dudes wanted more money. Edit: forgot a word and comma. Also thank you kind stranger for my first award.


This doc is excellent…..but absolutely infuriating.


Kids for cash should have been the absolute end to for profit prisons, but people in this country don’t care about poor minorities. Instead, it was a blip on the radar and 95% of Americans have no idea what this was. Rich people using the system to put poor kids in jail for minor cases to keep seats in the bed and make profit. It is disgusting on every level.


I remember him coming to my high school every year from 7th grade until this all went down and him talking about his zero-tolerance policy; if people only knew then that it was so he could get paid our parents and teachers wouldn’t have held him up as an example of how any in school crime or violence should be handled