LPT: If you’re a tourist in another country and you hear whistling around you in a public place, be alert. This could very easily be muggers or pickpockets coordinating an attack on you.

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Was walking in New Orleans to meet up with a friend at a bar. I saw a couple of dudes circle up behind me and started closing distance on me. I got a really bad vibe and started running to catch up with a bigger group of strangers and pretended to know them and they played along. I wholeheartedly believe those people helped me avoid getting mugged that night. Thanks again nice strangers 🍻


One time I was sitting on a bench in a park with my backpack next to me on the right. Two dudes came up to me, one of them came around to the left side to ask me for directions. I turned back just in time to see the other guy trying to get to my backpack but he backed away when I looked. I pretended not to notice and they thanked me for the directions and left me alone. Had a feeling it could have gone so much worse.


I had a college friend who backpacked Europe. He was on a train platform when a bunch of little kids who had been running around decided to hide behind him. Then he felt a lurch. One of the kids had sliced open the bottom of his pack with a straight razor. All his stuff fell out, each kid grabbed a handful and ran in a different direction. A fellow backpacker saw what happened, and showed him how to sew a metal sheet across the bottom of his pack to prevent this.


I used to live in a tourist town. My family had a rule of “no pointing” at things. A sure sigh of a tourist. You were to describe the area and others would then look one or two at a time.