Men are more prone to develop inflammation than their female peers after going through breakups or living alone for extended periods, study shows. It is already well known that divorces can lead to poor health and early death among men, but less so among women.

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I was looking up advice/experiences about living alone and noticed women were quite content with the situation, whereas men tended towards depression. Would be interesting to know why this is but probably to do with the circumstances. Maybe women are more likely to CHOOSE to have their own space so they don’t get the negative mental and physiological side effects.


Does divorce lead to early death among men, or does marriage lead to extended life?


I think women tend to have strong social and emotional support outside of romantic relationships. We have people to rely on, cry to, have lunches with, talk about our deep feelings and not so deep. I think these resources really matter. A single woman can feel emotionally held and supported. Whereas a male may struggle to find the same emotional support in friends and society (in Western world—I think in some countries like Morocco where I have family males have better social/emotional support systems with other males)


Yet again reddit is going with then “men are infantile babies who need someone to take care of them”. How about we factor in the social structure of our society. Men are much more likely to work longer hours doing unhealthy jobs and have smaller social circles because all their friends are also doing the same


Women go to their friends. Men don’t and try to act like not much changed. This is yet another sign of how lonely men are these days.