Murphy signs bill enshrining abortion into NJ state law

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>At least 20 states, mostly across the South and Midwest, already have laws that would restrict or ban abortion if the Supreme Court overturns Roe and lets states decide the issue have unwanted child in a red state, can’t finish school, can’t find good job, can’t afford child care, go on govt assistance, stay home, watch fox news, blame blue states, kid grows up with few/no opportunities, gets pregnant, repeat


How about this for a novel idea: If you are morally against abortion, don’t get one. If you are morally OK with abortion, get one. This shouldn’t even be a debate anymore at this point.


“Your body, my choice.” – Republicans.


Murph, can we get that same enthusiasm going for the cannabis law that already exists?


There’s that word again, “enshrined” Like state laws can’t be changed or something…it literally *just was*