People are living longer, but not necessarily healthier — Scientists are aiming to increase health span with drugs targeting aging as the root cause of major diseases like dementia and most cancers | WSJ

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We have two really effective drugs that nobody wants – healthy diet and exercise. Not that we shouldn’t be pursuing pharmaceutical means but we already have too many people relying on drugs to fix the problems that a bad diet and no exercise create.


When will this drug or drugs like it practically be released? I want this asap. And here’s a bunch for more words so the bot doesn’t automatically remove it. Pickles pickles pickles pickles.


They want us to live longer but not necessarily healthier so they can charge us for medication and care.


I am 44 and take no drugs on the daily. My goal is to go as long as possible without any at all. If i have to change my habits or diet so be it!


Medical science today: continue with whatever shitty habits you’re into, we have now a drug that will eliminate the diseases you were going to have anyway….