Researchers at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom have reported that an analysis of existing studies confirms that ketamine therapy offers fast-acting, short-term relief from depression and, to some extent, suicidal thoughts and other mental health symptoms.

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“The current review integrates parallel reviews of the nascent research on ketamine as a treatment for mental health conditions and related research germane to the therapeutic potential of ketamine for mental health more broadly.”


There have already been so many studies and meta-analyses over the past 15(?) years … why does this stand out. The sad thing is that it’s essentially unavailable, *and forever will be,* particularly for the people who need it the most … treatment-resistant depression seriously interferes with income generation for most people, and insurance will never, ever cover ketamine for depression. Yes, groups are working on compounds that target downstream mediators of what we believe are responsible for antidepressant effects of ketamine, but they’ll never be ketamine. (I work in the area and also keep up with the clinical trials and drug pipeline, since I can no longer afford ketamine treatment)


I’m on this stuff, and it would not be an exaggeration to call it life changing.


Where are the free at-home test kits? I know you’re dealing with morons like “dr” Rand Paul, but let’s get going.