Sen. Mitt Romney says the Republican National Committee ‘would be nuts’ to block GOP candidates from participating in presidential debates

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“Would be nuts.” Sir are you familiar with the Republican Party?


Guess Mitt is not privy to the fact Trump will be the nominee and they cant have him debate for obvious reasons.


May as well, nothing to offer except religious bigotry and scientific ignorance.


Well if you have no platform or public policies to offer just let the Democrats speak. It worked real well for Osoff in the GA senate race when David Purdue didnt show up to a televised debate.


They don’t want debates. They want a pulpit to have their own guy and only their own guy, stand there and get scripted “questions” to really hammer home the party line. Get a hand picked audience and an applause sign and you can make it look like the whole country is on your side. No rebuttal. No fact checking. No need for truth. It’s like a dream for the current RNC. Soon to stand for Real Nazi Confederacy.