Silicon Valley says kids over the age of 13 can handle the big, bad world of social media. Experts say that’s the result of a ‘problematic’ 1990s internet law.

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Meanwhile part of the problem is that adults can’t handle it


Having to be above 16 or 18 to use social media would probably significantly decrease the levels of mental issues in kids.


Most adults are not able to handle the “big, bad world of social media.” What makes anyone think a 13 year old can? Give them a chance to learn how to handle the real world first. Bob knows we don’t need any more Zuckers in this world.


My 10 year old daughter has little interest in social media. I am going to encourage that as she gets older.


You talk to any educator in elementary and middle schools and they would disagree. We have a way higher amount of kids lacking executive functioning skills, emotional regulation skills, higher amount of depression, anxiety. Way more issues with being able to engage in imaginative play, complete basic daily self care skills, and way way way lower thresholds for attention in general. This is the iPad generation and the damage is not properly being tracked and documented.