Study: For Transgender people, starting hormone therapy in teens helps mental health. Researchers also found that participants who received hormones at any age were far less likely to have mental health problems than those who wanted but never received the treatment.

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Nice sample size. This is just speculation, but I have to imagine there was a segment of trans children in families where they have not made it public or the family is actively suppressing any attempts to transition that are not represented in the polling group. I would imagine if they would be included it would be even more pronounced.


I’m interested to see how this looks over a 10yr / 20yr period. I’m not sure you’ll see the same numbers when some of the limitations / side effects from these therapies are more well understood by the patient.


Super curious how do you identify someone going through a phase and someone who is legitimately dedicated to transitioning?


I thought this had been well evidenced for many years.


Ask any trans person and they’ll tell you the same. We’re talking about life saving treatment for these kids.