Study: Handing a mature idea to somebody else for execution harms the creativity of the final product. Instead, people should be involved with creative projects from relatively early in their development.

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First there is a problem with the data. You can’t use RT scores for movies that came out over a century ago. You have too few reviews, and the way movies were made has changed way too much. Even in terms of what a movie is. Second they are measuring the wrong thing. The reason James Cameron’s movies do better than someone who writes a script then hands it over to another director isn’t MORE creativity, it is LESS creativity. When you have a single writer-director the entire project is held in one mind and the vision is related purely. When a director starts to mess with a great script you get mixed themes, you have critical scenes changed on set without understanding why they were critical, you have someone trying to defend the budget who doesn’t always see the importance of some of the parts – or has their own ideas that don’t integrate well into the rest of the movie they want to shoe-horn in. That is technically MORE creativity, but more is not always better. Third if they really wanted to do this they would look at movies made by committee. Movies where right from day one the studio brought in multiple writers to work together, and had multiple rounds of internal development with notes from executives. You probably laugh just hearing that, because those movies are always a complete mess and stink. Too many “creative” ideas that people fall in love with that have to be jammed into the things.


I’m only loosely involved with the creative elements, but this jives with my personal experience doing film production work. Scripts are usually pretty bare bones on details and rely on the collaboration of many departments to flesh out. I’ve had moments where the director, production designer, director of photography, producer and so on all seem to be pulling in different directions. A strong central creative vision helps. It’s also inevitable that things will need to be adapted to what’s possible for budget in the real world vs what you can come up with on paper. On the execution side, it’s not really your baby, so in the stress of the moment you may just want to make the problem go away and may not be taking the most care with the original intent.


They should have included video games in their data set as well. Plenty of examples of games that were the result of handing off an idea multiple vs. having one person/team be responsible for the game throughout the entire process. Metacritic/OpenCritic scores for games could have been used as a rough indicator of success (though other measures could also be used as well, like sales, sequels, etc.).


Is this why so many games where about generic white guy?