The administration of a water-soluble CBD tablet mitigates neuropathic foot pain compared to placebo, according to randomized clinical trial data published in the Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism.

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Podiatrist here. I’m always looking for something else to help neuropathic patients. Just a few quick observations: – I know authors stated it’s a phase II trial, but I would have liked to see more enrolled participants. – I didn’t see where / how participants were recruited. If an exclusion was unwillingness to d/c cannabis and related products, could they’re have been bias towards patients who had been using cannabidiol and selecting a population which was responding to that treatment? – I would have liked to see more breakdown of co-morbid conditions the upwards of 90% of patients reported. – I didn’t see if the participants current medical treatment was working before the trial. They show the pre treat VAS scores, but was that before the flush out period or immediately before it. It’s late, and I’ll go through this again tomorrow, but any additional options for patients would be welcomed. Edit: cannabinol -> cannabidiol


Is the “improvement in sleep and anxiety reduction” only appli cable to people with chronic diabetes? That would be cool if I could sleep better (I don’t have diabetes).


Can I have some THC with that CBD?


Hey! That’s pretty good!