The great American sickout: Omicron is causing “hellacious” worker shortages

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I work retail and literally every day for the past 2 weeks I’ve gotten a text saying 3 more people in the store have gotten COVID


It’s not just people that are sick, it’s also family who has to take care of the sick ones. People are sicker, period. I’ve had to take a leave of absence taking care of family member who has a serious illness, which might’ve been caught earlier if not for covid hampering seeing doctors


Alternative headline: omicron is making lots of people extremely ill and unable to work, exacerbating worker shortages, especially those created by lean staffing policies


A sick out is “an organized period of unwarranted sick leave taken as a form of group protest, usually as a measure to avoid a formal strike.” This is NOT a sickout, there a million people getting sick a day (at least) FFS.


We are not even doing a sickout, we are just fucking sick.