This legislation could force Apple and others to make their terms of service actually readable

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Here’s the cycle: 1 – Bullet point summary is made as TOS to be “readable”. 2 – Due to lack of clarity, they are sued due to gap in ToS. 3 – Language is added to clarify, lengthening ToS 4 – Go to step 2 And eventually the terms end up right back where they were.


New ToS “We the service provider will provide this service to you the user. You the user must agree to follow these >link to rules< rules that can be changed at any time. The link to the rules is just the old ToS.


This is a great idea! It’s about time that companies are forced to be more transparent with their users.


What difference will it make? You either accept their ToS or you won’t be able to continue. It’s on par with accept cookies or try to switch off the vendors that use your info and find the list is feckin massive and would take twenty minutes to turn them all off. Here’s our ToS in bullet points Accept——decline🥴


Dear consumer, 1) Even though you paid for this thing, it’s still ours. 2) Don’t copy any of it or try to make money off of copying it. That’s our job. It’s ours. 3) We get to repair this thing and charge you absurd amounts to do so. Even if it’s our fault it breaks, we’re gonna make it hard for you to get warranty replacement, and we just might give you a working used device for your broken new one. 4) We’re not responsible for anything that goes wrong with this device, even if it burns your house down. Even if it is our fault, we’re making you pre-agree to a legal process that will make it hard for you to get any damages and make it easier and cheaper for us to defend. 5) We get to collect information about you while using our device. Everything. And we get to sell that info to anyone we want. Without you knowing what it is or who gets it. We even let 3rd parties do that too if their software is on our device. 6) If you try to self-repair our device we get to brick it thanks to 3rd parties manufacturers not paying for proprietary component signing, and you not paying us, see #3. What’d I miss?