TIL Guy Fieri invites Make-A-Wish families to every taping of ‘Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives’

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I believe, when we had the fires here in Cali two years ago, he came down and cooked for displaced families and firefighters. He’s a good dude.


As douchey as he looks, the man is a total class act.


I don’t care for the way Food Network has put him on virtually every hour of every day with his grocery games, DDD, and now some kind of a show where people win a franchise for one of his chicken joints. Talk about “over exposure!” But he does seem like a quality person. I’ve liked seeing him with his kids and hearing things like this. He put a local burger joint here on the map years ago and It’s still thriving. I just wish Food wouldn’t run things into the ground and add some more variety to their schedule.


I would watch “Triple D” on Friday nights. Just have it on and watch it. Because I’m fat. And I love food. And Guy is a funny dude sometimes.


His Hot Ones appearance made it super obvious that he’s a pretty cool dude.