TIL Jim Henson was a big fan of ALF, and wanted to do an ALF/Muppet crossover. ALF creator Paul Fusco refused, as he did not want people to think that ALF is a Muppet.

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Go watch Permanent Midnight with Ben Stiller. Its a true story about the guy who wrote the script for Alf. Ben Stiller in a serious role was surprisingly good.


That could have been the whole gimmick . Kermit taking Alf’s side, explaining to everyone that, “no! alf is NOT a Muppet!” And everyone not being able to understand. Miss Piggy: Oh Alf, you really are a fascinating muppet! Kermit: For the last time!


And who’s still on TV and in movies? Oh, right.


By all accounts, Fusco is really full of himself and a pain to work with


What if we’re all muppets