TIL Michael Jordan (NBA) holds the record for most points scored by an individual in a single playoff game with 63. Post-game, Larry Bird said, “I think it’s just God disguised as MJ.”

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Mandatory MJ joke. Not mine, I cut and pasted this joke from twitter. I think the guys name is Matt Smethurst. (Credit where it’s due). ============================================= A news reporter asked Michael Jordan if he thought the ’90s Bulls could beat LeBron’s Lakers. MJ: Yes. Reporter: By how much? MJ: Two or three points. Reporter: Why so close? MJ: Most of us are almost 60 now.


Thank you for specifying this was the Michael Jordan who played in the NBA.


Also holds the world record for least tips by a rich guy


I always thought Wilt Chamberlin held that at 100 points in a game. Maybe because it was the ABA back then or something.


Did his team win?