TIL Roughly 100,000,000,000 cells die each day in our body and are replaced by other cells. It’s not uncommon for your body to replace an equivalent to its mass each year. The process is called Apoptosis, or “Programmed Cell Death” and plays an important role in preventing cancer.

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IRL Ship of Theseus If you replace 100% of yourself over time, is the new self the same you or different you


Cancer is when the cell doesn’t volunteer as tribute.


🤔 I’m not feeling myself today.


Aren’t the new cells of lesser and lesser quality, thus aging?


Today you will also learn that THC (like in cannabis) mimics an enzyme in our body that triggers apoptosis in unhealthy cells, while not affecting healthy cells. We have less of this enzyme as we get older. If an abnormal/unhealthy cell doesn’t get triggered for cell death it will keep growing/dividing wrong and can lead to cancer. So THC actually has anti-tumor properties. Just to be clear anytime you put smoke in your lungs you’re still gonna raise your risk of lung cancer, but at least with weed there’s the THC and CBD benefits. Smoking cigarettes is like the reverse (smokewise), nothing but bad/mutagenic stuff.