US retail sales fall 1.9% in December. Retail sales minus gasoline and autos at -2.5%.

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I’m starting to think shit is finally, finally, finally, starting to hit the fan. People laughed in 2020 as US markets skyrocketed with stimmy bills. People had a great party in 2021 injecting 3 and even 4 shots into their arms, telling themselves the virus was toast. Maybe reality hits home in 2022? Meh, if not, always have next year and next virus variant. Fed has to tighten up(In March, way behind the curve). Stimmy has been spent. Virus is still here. Stocks at record highs. USA is more divided than ever. Russia and China taking control of the world soon. EU is in great pain. 3rd world is in turmoil and billions are stuck in worse conditions than ever before in all of human history. Oh yeah, the planet is being worn down and used up. Crypto to the moon, NFT to the moon, EV frauds to the moon, inflation to the moon. Anything else I’m missing? Inflation is swinging back after many years of forces keeping it tamped down. Climate Change and globalization are both big drivers of inflation now. You got all the nice benefits out of globalization, now you got to pay the toll. Bring jobs back? Inflationary. Keep jobs in China? Inflationary. There is no win with globalization now. That milk cow has gone dry as a bone and we are more fucked in the USA than ever with RECORD high import gaps. That is ripe for inflation. We are at their mercy, that shit has to be imported at whatever price. Climate change means big-time inflation. Crops getting messed up. EVs cost like 40K USD starting price and don’t really last beyond 10 years as the battery goes out. The power grid must be redone. You name it, green stuff costs more almost every single time. Green fuels for the boats and planes, MUCH more expensive. Books could be written on this. Anybody that paid attention to the desperate faces of Trump and his clowns should know China is in control. Plane loads of PPE are flown in by the day. Trump kept talking about needing to make this stuff in America again. All that talk was just talked. Nothing got done. China makes goods. America prints money. Meanwhile, the Fed has screwed up big time. Bunch of morons.