US to allow teen semi drivers in test apprenticeship program

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Now are they going to lower the pay and say this job was never intended for living wages? For fucks sake.


I do a lot of driving for work and have already noticed the prevalence of newer truck drivers on the roads – mostly people who still drive like they’re in a small car and do dumb things like change lanes really fast/suddenly, dart in front of other truckers, wait until the last second to respond to a change in the road ahead. It’s scary enough.


There are going to be accidents and many terrified drivers. I find myself scarred of lifted trucks when they’re driven by adults! I cannot imagine young adults handling multi-ton deliveries! All this because they’d rather use basically child labor, rather than pay benefits or livable wages.


As a former teenager, this seems like a horrible idea.


Maybe we shouldn’t have been writing articles for the past decade about how self driving trucks were going to put all truck drivers out of work very soon.