We Must Stop Showering the Military With Money

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> Given all the challenges we face at home, does it make any sense to keep spending so many hundreds of billions on the Pentagon? And even just in terms of fighting wars, can anyone be satisfied with the way the military is managing its funds? The Pentagon has never passed an audit and says it may not be able to until 2028. > In 2020 the U.S. military’s budget accounted for almost 40 percent of the world’s military expenditures. This level of spending has long been excessive, but after a pandemic that has claimed the lives of more Americans than any war we fought, continuing to throw money at the military is an act of willful disregard for the most urgent threats we face. > According to a projection by the Congressional Budget Office, Congress is projected to spend about $8.5 trillion for the military over the next decade — about half a trillion more than is budgeted for all nonmilitary discretionary programs combined (a category that includes federal spending on education, public health, scientific research, infrastructure, national parks and forests, environmental protection, law enforcement, courts, tax collection, foreign aid, homeland security and health care for veterans). It’s a joke that we can’t accomplish so many things in this country because of spending, but never bat an eye when it comes to the military. We could have tuition free state college for like 10% of the military budget. It’s also one of the few things that’s completely bipartisan. Congress just increased the budget more than Biden even requested.


We aren’t showering the military with money, we’re showering military contractors with money, a large percentage goes from to keeping people in battleground states employed with make-work and the rest going to raising stock prices and paying executives. The military budget is welfare. It’s basic income for workers in Ohio who would otherwise be unemployed and it’s welfare for the wealthy.


It’s the easiest, most obvious way for politicians to virtue signal to the patriots. If you oppose it, you’re un-American. Americans love the idea of being able to beat the shit out of everyone. Sad, but true.


Well, no fucking shit. unfortunately, the MIC is a huge employer in literally every state in the USA. It’s a nonstop stimulus, a government welfare program for the very very rich that we’ve been running for 80 years straight. You know what brought down the Roman empire? They went bankrupt from military spending. No shit.


I was doing a rotation in rural north Georgia when all the isis terrorist attacks were happening in Europe. These folks were afraid they were next . terrified ppl will throw money at the military to feel safe . Now how do you create a well informed population in an age of disinformation. Politicians play up fear all the time too 🤷🏽