What will the James Webb Space Telescope look at first?

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TL:DR It hasn’t been announced what will be looked at first yet. The calibration test will be on the large magellanic cloud. We likely won’t get to see the calibration images. As they’ll be “blurry and ugly”. 18 mirrors need to be aligned to stop acting independently, and as one single mirror. Doing so on a telescope with immense zoom, will be a lengthy challenge.


I have seen the list of approved projects for the JWST. The projects that excite me most will be our never-before-seen views of planets that are not in our solar system. I really hope I’m alive for the day we announce we’ve discovered a fully water-laden exoplanet. It will change the ceiling of our curiosity forever. Can’t wait


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Excuse me if this is a stupid question but will it be able to look back at earth?