What’s something you look forward to every single day?

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Working with my son. He’s 23. I’m 50. We spend M-F working together building homes. We laugh all day long. It’s the happiest time of my life. I know it’s finite, so I’m enjoying it as much as possible while it lasts. Edit: my alarm went off, and I’ve discovered that this has resonated with a bunch of people. How awesome! I’ve read through all the comments. I wish I could reply to every single one, but I’ve got to go to work. We finished the doors, so we’re starting flooring today. I tell him how I feel regularly, but I will tell him again this morning. I love him so much.


Getting home from work. I really enjoy that whole ‘Not-at-work’ time.


Changing out of work clothes and into pajamas




Getting home from work followed by the relief of not having to work from that point on.