What’s the creepiest thing you can say to a person who just woke up?

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You really should start locking the door…


You don’t know me, but hear me out….


“don’t worry, everything is OK” my wife said this to me one day as soon as i woke up and it freaked me out… hours prior there was a terrorist attack/mass shooting in my hometown, at the bar my little brother had been at earlier in the night. He and his friends were all fine, as they had left the bars for the night a few hours earlier, and we were fortunate enough to not know anyone who was randomly gunned down. My wife did the right thing in reaching out to my family before I woke up so that she could assure me everything truly was OK, but god damn that was a terrifying way to wake up.


Hey you, you’re finally awake.


Just… Just stay still. We can still stop the bleeding.