Ukraine has seized the assets of captured Putin ally Viktor Medvedchuk, including 50 homes, 26 cars, 30 plots of land, and one yacht

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Why the fuck do you need 50 houses lmao


A reminder that no one with that much shit is a good person.


Upkeep 50 homes sound is something I can never afford to do.


50 homes?!

I remember thinking that if I ever won a massive lottery, two homes would be a lot and feel like a bit much. I would still do it, but would feel super extra and eye roll worthy. This is absolutely insane though. 50!!!


Only one yacht? /s


ELI5: Why does fresh air feel better to breathe in than indoor air?

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The lungs are evolved to be good at sensing two things: Co2, and a lack of Co2. Fresh air feels more fresh because it has a bigger lack of Co2 compared to your average indoor building.

The brain is also capable of connecting “cold” to fresh. Hence why, for instance, cold water generally tastes more fresh than warm water. When the air is too hot, it can feel suffocating, even if you’re outdoors. In the northern hemisphere, for the most part, ‘outside’ is going to have a higher combination of ‘lack of Co2’ and ‘colder than inside’ to trigger a ‘this is fresh air’ feeling in your brain


May depend on a lot of stuff but it mostly comes down to CO2. We humans need to take O2 into our bodies and kick the CO2 away. Too much CO2 suffocates humans.

As the time passes, humans inside consume the limited O2 indoors and increase the CO2. Our bodies detect the difference and start sending signals to our brains to either open the window/door/whatever or leave the room, just to protect the body from suffocating.


I’ve always thought it was weird that when you come in from outside in the spring and you have your windows open it smells fresher than the outside WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE.


Indoor air pollution. Chemicals from fragrances, VOC’s, etc build up indoors. These chemicals are toxic and are known to cause migraines, loss of concentration, fatigue, etc.

25% of women and 10% of men experience office migraines. The likely discrepancy is likely due to the fact that women are much more likely to wear products containing fragrances which cause their headaches. Men are least likely to wear them which likely explains why they experience less office headaches than women, simply because they aren’t as exposed to those chemicals.


Because it contains more fresh ingridients and less CO2, unlike the indoor air that is being breathed in constantly and therefore overused and therefore not fresh anymore. Outside air constantly gets “replaced”, so to say.


What do you call a nurse with dirty knees?

The Head Nurse.

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I’ve heard it as “How do you spot the head nurse at the hospital? She’s the one with the dirty knees”


Or the one who shouts things like “polio! Covid! Diphtheria!” Is the head nurse because she likes to call the shots around the hospital.


This is why nursing schools have a headmaster.


I’ve always thought that hospitals got rid of the title “Head Nurse” because of jokes like these.


anything she wants…..


Why do French tanks have rear sight mirrors?

So the driver can see the battlefield

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Old joke: French tanks hve 17 gears, 16 are reverse speed gears and the 17th is used in case the enemy attacks from the rear.


Unbelievable. You take over the world, but you lose ONE war and they never let you forget.


FOR SALE : Antique French rfle, never fired, only dropped once 🙂


That should now be a Russian joke! 😂


The last time i heard ths one i laughed so hard i fell off my dinosaur


Microfossils may be evidence life began ‘very quickly’ (only 300M years) after Earth formed | “If life is relatively quick to emerge, given the right conditions, this increases the chance that life exists on other planets”

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Very hard to distinguish between biological activity and non-biological processes, but if it is the case that life started this quickly we really should expect to find it somewhere else in our solar system and beyond. The question of intelligent life remains very much open.


I think life is probably something that just happens on every single planet that has liquid on it’s surface for 250,000 years straight, and then is constantly being extinguished by extinction events from space. Most planets are just a constant back and forth between life spawning and true extinction events where that life spawn is finished.

The question isn’t really “is life out there”, it’s “how long has this specific life spawn been uninterrupted for?” Earth is up to around 37% of the history of the universe uninterrupted, that may make us special, may not.


these bits of life may have been imported from comets, packed in ice for who knows how long


If life emerges easily but we don’t observe any expensive galactic civilizations then there’s something that prevents life from reaching the point of traveling to the stars. Something that might be about to happen to us.


What about the narrative where some are believing that in order for intelligent life (us) to exist and think about this, life *had* to start this early to have enough time to evolve? Like selection bias or I forgot what it was called?


Solar plasma eruption and break of filament – 14/4/22

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Why do the lines from the eruptions go back into the sun from where they came?


it is so fucking amazing that we have access to this footage these days

what a time to be alive


Videos like this need the size of the earth superimposed on top so folks can understand just how insignificant tiny we are


and this is held together by a transient magnetic field?


When I realize the cultural, poetic and social meanings of the sun to us on Earth, this view brings home the empirical reality of what it is.


NextSense Wants to Get in Your Ears and Watch Your Brain – Born from Alphabet’s “moonshot” division, NextSense aims to sell earbuds that can collect heaps of neural data—and uncover the mysteries of gray matter.

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Why would I BUY something that gives YOU information?



That’s about all they’re going to get from most people.


Technologically, it would be an amazing feat.

That being said, my brain waves are staying in my brain.


Google wants to pump ads directly into our heads, don’t they?


google wants your brainwaves.
seems like something they’d do.


No archeological evidence to support Exodus

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Yea, this isn’t a new thing except for maybe recently deconverted. But when explaining it, I tell them that roughly 2 million men, women, children, young/pold, fit/disabled, healthy/sick just up and left a city one day, roamed around long enough for all those people to die off, only then to enter the promised land. That would be like everyone in Austin, Texas suddenly leave, basically taking only what they could carry, wandering around middle America for 40 yrs and leaving no trace of their existence at the end of it.

Never mind the logistics of that, like food/water which the bible cops out and says it literally rained food on them every day, it simply did not happen.


Since when do facts get in the way of religious beliefs? If an old book written by unknown people says it’s true, we’ll then there you have it.


The Biblical Exodus never happened, some kind of Exodus might have but it could have only been a couple thousand maybe 20k max. But we have no evidence of one that size either.


But Bonded By Blood is such a good album


So are Israelis going to apologize and give stolen land back Palestinians?


What am I missing about $GOOGL?

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I own GOOGL but two main things to consider would probably be regulatory headwinds and how slowly they’re monetizing outside of ads.


Google has always moved a little more slowly. It makes a crap ton of money off advertising, but its revenue stream has never been that diversified. It doesn’t pay a dividend either, unlike Apple or MSFT. Still, it kind of just chugs along.


Not missing anything. Buy it


You’re not really missing anything, but keep in mind that you want to compare P/E ratios not only within Google’s own history, but also with comparable companies in the advertising/cloud space.


A example of a trap when only looking at historical P/E’s using your same logic (and similar industry, similar stature, similar but more pronounced regulatory headwinds) would be BABA.


Selling begets selling. Weak short term price action makes investors hesitant regardless of the company’s actual fundamentals.


Why has the total stock market been slowly dipping so far this year?

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Putin bad. War bad. Oil expensive. Everyone needs oil.

China sick. China close down. Stuff comes from China. Logistics slow. Stuff expensive. People want stuff now.

Stuff more expensive. Inflation rise. Bonds rise. Stocks go down.

Microchips hard to make. Companies want more microchips now. Can’t make microchips faster. Production slow.

Not the end.


It’s a controlled recession.

Instead of allowing to drop 50%, they’ll keep pumping it to maintain.

Many tech stocks have dropped 50% but no one notices because companies like apple cover it up


Jpowell ended the party


Mainly due to interest rates rising coupled with inflation. Some think the reduction of the Fed’s balance sheet is priced in. Others think that drop has not been seen yet. I agree with that sentiment.


It is a natural ebb and flow dude it’s healthy