A quarter of all homes sold in February were purchased with cash, up from 22% a year ago, according to the National Association of Realtors. Real estate investors accounted for 19% of transactions in February, up from 17% a year ago.

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Welcome to Feudalism 2.0. If any of you plan on having kids make sure you pass your home to them when you die It’s the only way they will own land moving forward.


It’s almost like when debt costs 5% but inflation is 8%, assuming large amounts of debt is still a good investment. How shocking. There are a myriad of problems contributing the the housing situations in various countries, but over a decade of free debt sure as hell hasn’t helped.


Not surprising literally another housing bubble is on the horizon if this continues. Literally Hedges and Investment Banks realistically need to be forbidden from buying real estate as an investment.


Does this take into account the people who are doing “all cash” offers by getting a lump cash infusion from one of those companies that will give you cash in exchange for getting a mortgage from them?


This have anything to do with the Trump PPP loans and rampant fraud that came with it? Sure seems like it, where the hell else are people getting the cash for this shit?