Amazon CEO says workers are ‘better off’ without a union and the company’s injury rate is ‘misunderstood’

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Wolf says sheep are better off without a guard dog and that injury rate is ‘misunderstood’


>”[At Amazon] if they see something they can do better for customers or for themselves, they can go meet in a room, decide how to change it and change it,” Jassy said. “That type of empowerment doesn’t happen when you have unions. It’s much more bureaucratic, it’s much slower.” What he’s describing is literally the purpose of a union and is the direct result of employees not being able to do those exact things. If deciding to get paid more or getting better benefits was as easy as workers making the decision for themselves, we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place. “They want better working conditions? Have they tried *asking* for it?”


Super rich person likes the status quo, who would have thought.


“Pissing in plastic bottles is way better than any porcelain convenience”


I was injured at Amazon. I sustained a Repetitive Strain Injury after only a little over a month as a Picker. My job was to (with a goal time of 6 SECONDS): (1) Identify the item purchased, (2) Find the item within a bin, (3) Take the item out from the elastics, (4) Place the item in the correct bin, (5) Tap the confirmation button, and repeat. After a few weeks, I had a pain in my lateral and medial antebrachial on both arms. I stretched every day before, during and after work. I used wrist guards to prevent any injury as well. When I expressed my concerns to my supervisor, she told me to “release the pain with a 10 second stretch.” It got so bad that I could no longer clench my hands. I took a whole month off. After multiple doctor appointments with my personal doctor and the company’s doctor, Amazon WOULD NOT recognize my injury. According to HR, my injury happened outside of work and that I had a “history” of wrist pains since I wore a wrist guard prior to reporting the injury. I had to go back to my line and continue working my 10-hour shift…but I couldn’t even touch my index finger to my thumb. It was this, or get fired from not working. So I quit. After a month of driving an hour to Amazon and to be told over and over again that they could not put me in another place to work…I really could not believe my experience there.