Amazon hits US sellers with a 5 percent fuel and inflation surcharge

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Wonder how much they increased wages for their workers to match Inflation? Blind guess its 0


Isn’t that exactly what shipping and handling was supposed to be?


Amazon Tax while profits hit record numbers.


I’m telling you, this sudden surge in the price of everything is such baloney. The people who run the world found a way to sell the public on the idea that the price of everything has to go up due to supply chain disruptions and the embargo on Russian oil. I think it’s a bullcrap excuse that benefits the people at the top.


Everybody start buying less stuff. If you don’t need it, don’t get it. Don’t fill your tank all the way. Gas stations used to give you a t-shirt or something if you filled up. Now everyone just fills up every time. Drive less. Play board games. Enjoy your family. Fuck corporate America.