Batman says to Alfred, “I’m really tired Alfred, it’s been an exhausting day, please can you just get the bathtub ready for me?”

Alfred replies, “Master Wayne, what is a htub?”

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This… does put a smile on my face


A joke custom made for text


I’ve been tling with this one and can not figure it ot..


“Where does Bruce Wayne get clean after fighting crime all night long? In the Bath-tub!” – Mike Tyson


There’s a similar joke in spanish but with a food mixer, which in said language is ‘batidora’. Alfred tells Bruce/Batman: We need a batidora. Bruce then says: Who the hell is Dora? This is especially funny because all the Bat things in Spanish are in fact bati- then the thing. Examples: Batmobile is Batimovil, Batarang is Batibumerang, and so forth.