Can someone tell me why it’s legal for police cars and courthouses to have “In God We Trust” on them?

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Look up “ceremonial deism”.


I don’t like this either. “e pluribus unum” is a much better motto that would include ALL citizens. Having the God quote on government property that my atheist taxes pay for, makes me feel like I am not represented by people working there. Like if I had a case about how religion is being forced on me by the government, and then have to go to a court that has “in God we trust” on it to decide my case.


It’s the national motto, and as such has proven immune to legal challenges thus far. So Christian dominionists (which are regrettably common in a number of legislatures and police departments) have used it as a way to say “fuck you” to people that aren’t Christian dominionists.


because the supreme court has been packed with religious shills.


Because “in dog we thrust” would be kinda NSFW.