Catholic church can not intervene in Idaho abortion lawsuit

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>Rapists can’t file a lawsuit under the law, but a rapist’s relatives could. >but a rapist’s relatives could. In what fucked up world is this even remotely a good idea?? Holy fucking shit…


NAL. I would assume it could be struck down easier if it had a religious backing so they want to keep the church out?


They…. They get that just because SCOTUS has their cock out to hit Roe v Wade, those cases still have to get through the lower courts first, and if the first appeal says “no, there was no error by the lower court, we will not hear this case” that’s where it fucking dies. They get that, don’t they?


So priests that impregnate underage girls can’t get them abortions now. Send them back to Rome.


Help me out here. What does ‘intervene’ mean in this context, and why the hell would the Catholic Church be able to do it? I tried to read the article, but I got lost in the ads.